Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance

Cyber Insurance is a must for any business that relies on information technology and the Internet. As organizations have become more reliant on applications, databases and the cloud, they have become more exposed to risk from mishandled or misappropriated data.

What is Cyberliability Insurance?

Cyberliability insurance, also known as Hacker Insurance or Cyber Insurance, protects your business against the liability from hacker attacks, data breaches, and other “cyber events.” These events can be as simple as a lost laptop or smartphone with sensitive data that exposes your company to risk.

Who needs Cyberliability Insurance?

Cyber Insurance isn’t just for large technology companies or financial institutions. Whether you’re a retailer managing customer information and credit card data, or a medical office maintaining patient records and insurance information, you’re exposed to cyber risk.

Most businesses think that their general business insurance coverage will protect them against cyberliability. But cyber risk falls outside of the coverage areas for most policies, and businesses need specialized protection.

How do I know if I’m at risk?

We have relationships with independent experts who can evaluate your network and help identify vulnerabilities. These can include penetration tests, which determine how susceptible your infrastructure is to attack, and also evaluation of your device management policies and exposure.

Even if you have internal controls, independent evaluation is essential to making sure you see all of the potential risks.

Can I afford Cyber Insurance?

There are cyber insurance policies of all sizes, and we can help you find the plan appropriate for your business.

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